What is automated email series?

An email series- When you planned to run the email series for seasonal offers, then you can run the automated series of emails that saves your time.

The offers that reach the right audience at right time will convert your email subscribers into leads.

Website updates- Send the updated mail to your customers before making changes in your website. Also notify the customers on doing any upgrades on your website. So, they know it before you take any action.

Few events that one should consider while sending automated emails to the customers:

  • Hurry-up mail if the offer is expiring soon
  • Thank you mail if user take some action on your website
  • Confirmation mail after the user’s any purchase

Receipt Of Automation:

The receipt of automation shows the result of your emails, that your automated email campaign is working properly.  If not you can make use of email id list database india free download to improve your email campaign.

Thus the email automation works well as the revolutionary tool for each business. Make the email tool yours now from email id list.com and stay connected with your customers most excitingly.

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